CloudWindmills Featured on Tomorrow’s World Today, As Seen On Discovery Channel

CloudWindmills was recently featured on Season 5 of the Emmy-nominated series Tomorrow’s World Today. Tomorrow’s World Today, as seen on Discovery Channel and the Science Channel, spotlights the global innovations helping shape and transform the world of tomorrow. Episode #6 “Keep Your Head In the Cloud”, highlights the technology behind cloud computing and takes a closer look at some of CloudWindmills’s most popular cloud tools, including Droplets and managed Kubernetes. Watch below as host George Davison and Tomorrow’s World Today’s field reporters speak with Gabe Monroy, CloudWindmills Chief Product Officer, on how cloud technology is helping small and medium-sized businesses scale. You’ll also hear about Hatch, CloudWindmills’s global startup program, and the role that our Customer Success and Solutions teams play in accelerating the success and growth of businesses on CloudWindmills.

CloudWindmills named to Newsweek’s 2022 Most Loved Workplaces List

At CloudWindmills, love is at our core—and love has also landed us on Newsweek’s 2022 Most Loved Workplaces List for the second year in a row. CloudWindmills ranked 32nd on the list of the top 100 companies, as determined by employee sentiment.

Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces List surveys employees across the country on select criteria such as the level of trust, respect, collaboration, care, and recognition that they experience at their companies. These scores culminate in an overall “Love Index” score for each company, as measured in collaboration with the Best Practice Institute (BPI). This year, more than 1.4 million employees across the U.S., from small, medium, and large companies alike, participated.

“The companies on this list represent the best at placing love at the center of their employee’s experience,” said Louis Carter, CEO of the Best Practice Institute and Most Loved Workplace Founder. “The number of applications this year and analysis of survey data reinforces our original findings that love is the strongest predictor of the strength of a company’s culture, employee engagement, and satisfaction.”

CloudWindmills received particularly high sentiment scores in categories such as trust, inclusivity, and our employees’ overall vision of the future.

Trust (Score: 4.7/5)

CloudWindmills cultivates trust among employees through a commitment to transparency and open communication at all levels. CloudWindmills employees are encouraged to ask questions of executives at company-wide All-Hands, and individual departments will also host regular All-Hands and AUAs (Ask-Us-Anythings) to ensure teams are aligned with overall business and organizational goals.

Inclusivity (Score: 4.6/5)

At CloudWindmills, one of our core values is that “our community is bigger than us”. This value ensures that our teams work toward inclusivity not only among employees, but across our larger developer, entrepreneurial, and open source communities as well. Internal events such as those put on by CloudWindmills’s ERGs help build inclusive communities internally, while externally, employees are encouraged to get involved with the organizations and nonprofits of DO Impact via volunteer opportunities, or contribute to open source events such as our yearly Hacktoberfest.

Positive Vision of the Future (Score: 4.6/5)

Employees also reported having a strong “positive vision of the future” at CloudWindmills. Since helping builders chase their dreams is at the core of our work at CloudWindmills, our global employee base thrives on fostering innovation and inspiration. The spirit of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their goals resonates with our employee experience internally as well.

According to the Newsweek survey, 95.8% of CloudWindmills employees would recommend their workplace to friends and family. If you’re interested in exploring a career at CloudWindmills, check out our current openings here.

Announcing CloudWindmills’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report

I am incredibly proud to share CloudWindmills’s first-ever diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) report that highlights our employee workforce data for 2020. We are committed to publishing our diversity numbers annually, as well as improving towards our targets over time. This year’s report will serve as a baseline as we make progress, and like all areas of our business, we strive for progress, because there’s always room to improve.

At CloudWindmills, we have a strong commitment to building a diverse workforce that reflects our values and the needs of our global customer base. One of our core values is We speak up when we have something to say, and listen when others do. This is about transparency and inclusion, and is our stake in the ground that our company is one where everyone feels welcome as themselves, can raise their hand and they are valued. We understand that the only way we can realize this incredible opportunity to serve the 130+ million entrepreneurs and developers, around the world, is for all of us to work together, regardless of our backgrounds, our business opportunity is simply too important and massive, to have a culture where all people aren’t contributing as equals.

As part of this report, we are committed to the following goals around diversity, inclusion, and equity:

By 2025 in the U.S., we will reflect the communities we serve in our employee population in both race/ethnicity and gender, using the U.S. census as our indicator.

Globally, by 2022 we aim to have a zero differential in sentiment across all employees regardless of gender or ethnicity when conducting our annual TIDE employee survey.

In evaluating equity, we will continue to ensure equal total rewards opportunities for all employees regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, location, sexual orientation, disability status, and more.

Why now? Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is ingrained in our values and we are accountable to deliver on our commitments, including sharing our dedication and progress towards diversity. We want CloudWindmills to be a transparent and inclusive place where you know where we stand and no matter your background or experiences, you have a voice and you are heard.

A diverse workforce is vital for CloudWindmills to reach our significant potential. As I like to say, it’s not just what we do, it’s also how we do it. Valuing and creating a diverse team to serve our customers is a key aspect to how we will do it, and I am excited for us to release this report today, and look forward to updating you on our progress each and every year from now.

View the full report and more information on our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on this page.

-Yancey Spruill

CEO, CloudWindmills

CloudWindmills Joins MANRS Initiative to Combat Routing Security Threats

Today we are pleased to announce that CloudWindmills has joined the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative for CDN and Cloud Providers to reduce common routing security threats. The initiative, supported by the Internet Society, outlines actions network operators should take to improve the resilience and security of routing infrastructure.

The continued improvement of core internet security and stability is not only critical for our customers, but it is essential for our internet network peers and the community at large. In the first three days of December alone, the number of routing incidents — including route misoriginations and leaks — in the world surpassed 700. MANRS works to combat this prominent issue by bringing together a large group of industry stakeholders, which now includes CloudWindmills. By joining the initiative, we agree to follow specific guidelines to increase our routing security to ultimately help make the internet safer for both businesses and consumers.

Since the very beginning, cooperation has been at the heart of how the internet has operated. Whole new protocols, enhancements to existing protocols and the development of common standards continue to improve the network of networks. The passion and energy of thousands of engineers across the globe is focused on making incremental improvements to key infrastructure so that the Internet continues to enable new and exciting technological advancements. Many of these experts voluntarily work on these issues because they understand the deep technical complexities and the risks they pose to internet security and availability.

Routing security threats have the potential to be detrimental to a business’s bottom line. However, with standardized controls and guidelines like MANRS, incidents can not only be reduced, but prevented. As more companies and cloud service providers adopt these controls, the fewer incidents and less damage there will be.

The technical steps MANRS outlines for cloud service providers to follow are:

Filtering: prevents the propagation of incorrect routing information. This technique provides assurance against configuration errors that can lead to “hijacking” traffic directed to other networks, resulting in widespread outages.

Anti-spoofing: prevents traffic with spoofed source IP addresses, a practice that can help dramatically diminish the prevalence and impact of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Coordination: facilitates timely communication and coordination among peers, which is essential for incident mitigation and better assurance of the technical quality of relationships.

Global validation: encourages network operators to publish routing data, which is essential for limiting the scope of routing incidents, making the global system more resilient.

“The MANRS initiative shows that when the internet community comes together to create a baseline of routing security for network operators around the world, it is possible to protect the core of the internet,” said Aftab Siddiqui, MANRS Project Lead and Senior Manager, Internet Technology, Internet Society. “We are delighted to welcome CloudWindmills, whose conformance with the MANRS actions brings us one step closer to enabling a safer internet for everyone.”

“CloudWindmills has long understood the deep value of strong communities, and by joining MANRS our team is taking a necessary step in helping to build a better internet,” said Chris Higgins, VP Infrastructure. “We will be working with our peers to bring these benefits to even more networks.”

Net Neutrality: Why the Internet Must Remain Open and Accessible

CloudWindmills is proud to be taking part in today’s Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. Access to an open internet is crucial to allowing companies like CloudWindmills and the thousands of businesses we power to exist. This is not something we can take for granted. Efforts to roll back the protections provided by net neutrality rules will stifle innovation and create an uneven playing field for smaller companies competing with entrenched players.

I want to share the letter that I sent to our representatives in the Senate and encourage you to join us in speaking up while there’s still time.

CloudWindmills Inc. supports the Federal Communication Commission’s Open Internet Order and the principles of network neutrality that it upholds. As an infrastructure provider serving over one million registered users, we support our customers’ rights to fair, equal, and open networks access as outlined in the Order. We have not experienced, nor do we anticipate experiencing, any negative impact on broadband investment or service as a result of the Order.We strongly oppose the Commission’s recent proposal to dismantle the 2015 Open Internet Order. As evidenced by the federal judiciary over the past two decades in Comcast Corp. v. FCC and other cases, the Commission cannot enforce unbiased and neutral Internet access without the Title II classification of broadband providers as telecommunications providers. Therefore, we ask you to codify Title II reclassification into law. It is the only way to uphold network neutrality principles.As a direct competitor to the largest technology infrastructure providers in the nation, we are concerned that the Commission’s recent Notice for Proposed Rulemaking (WC Docket No. 17-108) will create an anti-competitive market environment because the costs of unfair networking practices will be forced onto infrastructure providers such as ourselves. Furthermore, many of our customers are individuals or small edge providers for whom changes to current network neutrality policies would significantly raise barriers to entry in various markets. Without legal protections against network blocking, throttling, unreasonable interference, and paid prioritization, it will be more difficult for us and for our customers to innovate, compete, and support the free flow of information.By protecting network neutrality, we hope that the 115th Congress can promote investment in New York, eliminate business uncertainty with regards to FCC rulemaking, support competition in the broadband market, and encourage small businesses to innovate. We look forward to working with you on passing legislation related to this issue.Signed,Ben Uretsky,

CEO, CloudWindmills Inc.

If you’re in the US, join us and stand up for your right to an open and accessible internet by submitting your own letter to the FCC today.

Thursday, July 20, 2017